When we launched the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club at the end of 2021, we set out with one Metaversian Vision – to rebuild the Titanic and facilitate the World’s first Metacruise. What followed over the duration of the next 12 Months would be the pursuit of excellence, striving to adopt, adapt and reinvent the very meaning of the word “Metaverse”. Our core ambition remains and will always be the delivery of the RAS Titanic, owed to the Holders of our Generation I Collection – but AVAC has since evolved into a Smart Project, seeking to redefine and explore the concept of Metaversian indulgence.

After the initial full sell out of the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club mint back in April 2022, the Development Team headed up by Paul Marlborough sought to establish the correct platform from which to launch the RAS Titanic and our eventual Metaverse. During this consultation period, it was agreed by the Team that Second Life could play host to all of our needs, facilitating an Open-World expanse with the correct graphic specification needed to create something worthwhile. Faced with a deadline of delivery (April 2023), Second Life would guarantee the space of development needed in order to deliver within the time frame.

Second Life, we believe, is the best Metaverse platform in existence – with far better specifications when compared to modern contemporaries. The only issue being was that Second Life as a platform was not Web 3 Ready, meaning that we as a Project had to fill in the back end specs needed to deliver the appropriate blockchain development needed to facilitate both Metacruising and NFT integration. The Atlantic Voyage Ape Club is firmly committed to utilising Second Life as a Metaverse, we believe that in time we will see the full use of Second Life as the standard and unilateral Metaverse – whilst some of the modern contemporary platforms will have by that point faded away. By the time we launched our Second Generation Project, The Island Voyage Ape Club, we were able to purchase a whole area of land on behalf of the Project and begin developing a varying Ecosystem, incorporating Holder Business opportunities alongside Metaverse Land in the form of ASL Deeds. In essence then, the ASL Metaverse in Second Life serves as an experiment to prove to the would that Second Life is the only Metaverse needed by those within the Web 2 and Web 3 spectrum, we are then attempting to bridge the gap.

  • January 2022: AVAC Project is announced, with view to deliver Roadmap I during April 2022 – a set of objectives that would lead to the eventual delivery of the RAS (Royal Ape Ship) Titanic and establish Metacruising as a viable hospitality/web 3 activity.

  • April 2022: AVAC sells out 3300 NFT Profile Pictures, guaranteeing a Stateroom or Cabin aboard the RAS Titanic in the Metaverse. Full roadmap is delivered by the end of April.

  • May 2022: AVAC Deeds are announced, guaranteeing AVAC Holders land within the ASL Metaverse originally set within the NFT Worlds land we had acquired. After three-months worth of development, eventually we would be met with a setback given that Minecraft withdrew permission to use the platform within Web 3.

  • July 2022: IVAC (The Island Voyage Ape Club) announced to replace AVAC Deed and Minecraft Setback. IVAC, a 3300 profile picture collection would guarantee Holders access to the Paradise Islands set within our Second Life Metaverse

  • September 2022: IVAC sells out despite several setbacks related to the Smart Contract, most of the Roadmap is deliverable despite an 80% loss in operational revenue from the Mint Proceeds. The ASL Metaverse in Second Life is Established and Holders are given access to Paradise City, along with other Metaversian benefits.

  • October 2022: Development of the RAS Titanic in the ASL Metaverse begins-proper. Constructed by Paul Marlborough, the RAS Titanic is scheduled for a perspective December 2022 release, although with a deadline of April 2023 in the event further setbacks are encountered. The RAS Titanic is set to be almost completely faithful to the original ship, with clear trait benefit utilisation and opportunities awaiting holders of the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club.

  • November 2022: ASL Deeds (Formerly AVAC Deeds) are released to specific traited classes of AVAC Ape, allowing holders to take up small parcels of land within the ASL Metaverse, using the deed-copy as a guarantee of ownership, or Metaverse lease. The exciting nature of this experiment rewards many of our long term holders who have been waiting to take up this kind of Metaverse opportunity for some time.