A Long Term Non-Investment Project, dedicated to the persuit of development, engagement and distribution

In 2021, when we announced the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club we wanted to bring something entirely new into the NFT Ape-Space. In an already inflated and much covered NFT niche, the Ape Space proved to be a challenge for many Holders. Armed with a plan and the motivation to get the job done, Paul Marlborough established the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club to seek out new innovation and pursue web 3 solutions for the betterment of NFT-kind.

The Atlantic Voyage Ape Club has several core directions and ambitions, working upon a Ten-Year Non-Investment Plan. In a change from the Status Quo, we advertise AVAC as a “Non-Investment” Project, because we wanted to make NFTs great again. We do not believe that Holders should view themselves as Investors or Stakers in a Company, rather we want people to find utility and value within the NFTs we released. Our first spectacular outing took place in April 2022, upon the release of the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club Profile Picture collection. 3300 Titanic Themed AVAC Apes were minted in April of that year, designed to allow holders access aboard a fully stocked recreation of the Titanic in the Metaverse. With ambitions to scale the NFT and Web 3 Hospitality Market, AVAC formed a founder-guard around the ideals and community-based narratives that once graced the NFT space.

Holders, not investors

We wanted to discourage the idea that Holders were Investors, and strongly opposed “Passive Income” and staking at a time when all other Projects were encouraging this. Holding an AVAC NFT is the holding of a digital collectable that contains added utilities and benefits to our holders. This means with what we develop, our Holders benefit – however we do not solely place our value on Floor Prices or the Marketplace, nor do we interfere with the pricing of our NFTs upon the Secondary Market as this fundamentally we believe is the business of our holders.

Whilst Holders do have access to a community held “Metafund”, and we have regular “Pairing” competitions to distribute ETH pots – we wholly discourage any notion or suggestion that our Project is centred around investment speculation. Our Metafund however which currently sits at 8 ETH, has been set up to be invested on behalf of our holders into new applications of innovations which may turn a profit on behalf of the Project. The Metafund remains untouched by the Team and will only ever be spent or used in unilateral agreement.

For the long term

We often describe AVAC as a “Long Term” NFT Project, and frankly it is sad that we have to use terminology like this as we believe that all NFT Projects should be for the Long Term. During the genesis of AVAC in 2021, many NFT Projects were clearly focused on Short-Term Sell outs before disbanding and forgetting the fundamental principle that Holders minted upon. AVAC however seeks to develop with every year that moves, adding new elements, functions, airdrops and mints into our overall Ecosystem, the Ape Star Line.

Ape Star Line LLC

In 2021, Ape Star Line LLC was formed to become the official Parent Company of the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club. Ape Star Line handles all partnership and business related matters on behalf of the Project. Headed by CEO Misty Mcalhany, Ape Star Line is a legitimate Company based in Alabama, USA. Through Ape Star Line, we host regular weekly Twitter Spaces and AMAs, known as “Star Line Spaces”. ASL will continue to develop on behalf of the Project and deliver our long term and excellent vision.

Redefining Metaverse

At the end of 2021, NFT Projects were rushing to create and establish Metaverses at the core aim of their Roadmaps. During this period we saw the creation of the largest NFT Metaverse Platforms, but often overlooked were the quality and sustainability needed to last a lifetime. AVAC and indeed the Ape Star Line believes that in order for the Metaverse to work, there can only be one platform used and utilised by everybody. Since the genesis of the Internet and over the last 20 years, one Metaverse-providing platform has stood above the others – Second Life. Often viewed as the Old-Dame of Metaverses, Second Life has withstood the test of time and provides a decent level of graphics and customization as one would expect within the remit of the term Metaverse. We believe that Second Life will outlive all other platforms and we are campaigning for Second Life to begin consultations with reputable Blockchain companies to seek out and use web 3 wholly within their platform. In many regards, the Linden Dollar – Second Life’s currency – can be placed in History as the first Cryptocurrency, operating exclusively within Second Life. The Linden Dollar then should be obtainable through exchanges and used widely as tradeable currency between participants of Second Life and holders of the proposed Cryptocurrency.

Hospitality & Metacruising

At the heart of our Project is the pursuit of Hospitality and Web 3 – we believe that the combination and application of web 3 technologies within the Hospitality industry will revolutionize the way people experience vacationing and other hobby-based interests. Metacruising then, seeks to provide the first core of structure toward our long term plan – by introducing a fully scaled replica of the RMS Titanic and providing the service of Metacruising to those who hold our NFTs. We chose the Titanic because it represents opulence and luxury, that of a bygone era. At the beginning of the last Century, Ocean Liners such as the Titanic transformed the way how people transported between different countries – and in the same way we are attempting to transform the way how people travel between the Metaverse.

Metaverse land & living

Another important aspect of our Project is the long-term implications of Metaverse land and living – how holders use the Metaverse and to what is achieved through the ownership of land holdings. ASL Deeds will attempt to answer this question, fundamentally a holder-led experiment into the conditions of the Metaverse we have provided through our Second Life experience. Holders will determine the value of their dwellings and assess the usage of Land-Holdings through whatever method they prefer, we simply provide the space for them to thrive. This is an exciting and revolutionary study into the co-existence of Web 3 upon humanity, not just for our Project but all those who engage within the space we call “Metaverse”.