Lease out your AVAC NFTs to other people by using the AVAC Exchange – Coming September 2nd!

How Does the AVAC Exchange Work?

You’ll submit your AVAC NFTs for a bespoke AVAC Exchange leasing certificate which is guaranteed by AVAC as a Deed of Lease for the recipient of your choice. After applying for the leasing program, you’ll be sent a “Lease Certificate” with the set duration of lease enclosed within the NFT Description. The Lease Certificate is created via our AVAC Exchange OpenSea Collection, meaning that you will always be able to keep track of your Leasing.

How is the price per lease set?

This is the great thing about AVAC Exchange, you have full autonomy with the lease price meaning that you are fully in control. After you have successfully enrolled upon the Leasing System, you’ll be transferred your AVAC Exchange Lease Certificate. You then set the price and sell to the wallet address you choose, or even leave it at a set lease price within the AVAC Exchange Collection and allow the free market to choose a lease holder for you.


In certain circumstances individuals will be refused access to the AVAC Exchange Leasing program.

The Basic criteria for enrolling is that you must not have the original NFT you are planning to lease, listed on OpenSea. If you at any stage list the NFT you are leasing, then the leasing certificate is void.

Can I lease my AVAC Deeds?

The AVAC Exchange is the Real Estate Marketplace used for AVAC Deeds and the ASL Metaverse. You will be able to submit content directly through the AVAC Exchange to be used within the ASL Metaverse. You’ll also be able to sublet and lease buildings upon your AVAC Deeds.

What Happens after the Lease duration expires?

The person who holds the Lease certificate will be removed from the ASL Ecosystem, meaning that they are no longer able to participate in the process. However, you are able to create a new lease certificate from your AVAC NFTs after the term has expired.


Please remember that you can only lease 1 NFT at a time!

Can I still participate in the ASL Ecosystem whilst my NFT is leased?

Yes! This is the beauty of having the AVAC Exchange at your disposal. Whilst you have your NFT Leased, you still retain the original NFT within your wallet and are able to use this freely, with the exception of selling it.

You will be unable to access your AVAC Deeded Parcels though, whilst they are leased through the Exchange.

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