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AVAC Ape Traits and their Benefits to Holders

Each Ape comes with it’s own unique set of Traits, which grant the Holder special benefits within the ASL Metaverse and beyond. Not only do Traits determine rarity, but also give additional utilities when applied to our Metaverse. Value of the Ape should be determined with both rarity and trait advantages in mind.

 The World’s First Metacruise

Our Long-Term Plan under the Second Roadmap is to establish Metacruising in Web 3. In the future we are seeking to recreate Titanic in the Metaverse, and offer our Holders the opportunity to experience a virtual vacation.

Each of our Holders will be given a Cabin or Stateroom, depending on the type of Ape they have minted.

Meet The Team

Our fully Doxxed Team of AVAC Experts are always here to help

The Ape Star Line

The Ape Star Line exists as the exclusive Brand of AVAC. We’re not just a project, we’re a way of life.

Offering Fashion, Gatherings and Culture, the Ape Star Line exists to bridge the gap between Digital and Physical. With AVAC the Premium Genesis Project of the ASL, you can expect to see further NFT Projects firmly within the Management of the Ape Star Line.

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