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Welcome to the Atlantic

Voyage Ape Club

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AVAC Is a collection of 3300 Titanic Themed Ape NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

The Pioneering Possibilities of The Atlantic Voyage Ape Club


Our Long Term Plan

We will offer 3300 Atlantic Ape NFTs for mint on April 10th, 2022

All AVAC NFTs will be revealed on April 13th, holders will meet their apes.

Roadmap 1 is fully delivered, all promises are kept. We then move to Roadmap 2.

NFT Worlds Metaverse Purchased for the Project, “ASL Metaverse” is born

Development of Roadmap 2 begins, long term plan enabled

Ape Star Line & AVAC Merch is available publicly, with view to start viable brand.

Ape Star Line begins consulting with Environmentally Positive Organizations

The Ape Star Line establishes the first luxury Meta-hotel de luxe within a chosen platform.

First previews of RAS Titanic available for Holders to see in 2023, Maiden Voyage Date is set.

AVAC Holders invited to take part in the Maiden Metaverse Voyage of the RAS Titanic.

AVAC Holders can then ‘lease’ out NFTs to other Virtual Holidaymakers, for Rooms and Cabins aboard the RAS Titanic and for land in the ASL Metaverse

 Our Long-Term Plan is also referred to as “Roadmap 2”, this is the journey we are taking those who hold AVAC on, in the long-term. Roadmap 2 is not a certainty and depends on several factors. Our first focus will be to deliver Roadmap 1 in full.

Below is an outline of our ambitions after the mint



̶1̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

330 NFTs Sold

We pay back our eccentric Uncle who helped fund the project.

̶2̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

660 NFTs Sold

Collaborations with other Artists and projects, AVAC YouTube created and 2 ETH added to the Community Wallet.

̶3̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

990 NFTs Sold

3 AVAC NFTs will be airdropped to a random lucky holder, a further 2 ETH is added to the Community Wallet.

̶4̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

1320 NFTs Sold

We will make a large donation to The Ocean Clean Up, a Non-Profit Organization seeking to clear our Oceans of polluting plastics. A further 2 ETH is added to the Community Wallet.

̶5̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

1650 NFTs Sold

Merchandise Store Unlocked, all AVAC Holders will be able to purchase T-Shirts and other AVAC Merch.

̶6̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

1980 NFTs Sold

A Further 2 AVAC NFTs are Airdropped to one lucky Holder.

̶7̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

2310 NFTs Sold

We will pay for “AVAC” Skywriting to be appear at a TBA location somewhere in the United States.

̶8̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

2640 NFTs Sold

6 X 1 ETH will be distributed at random to 6 lucky Hodlers who got onto the Whitelist. The 6 ETH will come from the Community Wallet.

̶9̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

2970 NFTs Sold

AVAC Treasure Hunt Launched – One Winner will be rewarded a Cruise for 2 on the RMS Queen Mary 2—Paid and bought for by AVAC) + one Rare AVAC NFT and 2 ETH Spending Money.

̶1̶0̶0̶%̶ ̶M̶i̶n̶t̶

3300 NFTs Sold

The Second AVAC Treasure Hunt will be Launched—One Winner will be flown out to meet and spend the weekend with Sigerson Bell & Co at an undisclosed worldwide location. This will be subject to a prior NDA Signing and Agreement. We then begin to initiate Roadmap 2, focusing upon the creation of a Titanic in the Metaverse.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much will AVAC NFTs cost?

0.07 ETH On Full Sale and Whitelist

When Will the Collection Launch?

We are aiming for a prospective Launch Date of April 10th—we have chosen this date because it was The day that Titanic set sail on her Maiden Voyage. The Presale date will be April 9th.

What’s the Total Number available to Mint?


What is the AVAC Project?

AVAC is an NFT Project collection consisting of Titanic Themed Apes with over 200 accessories, expressions and clothing generated by an algorithm.The Project seeks to endeavor upon Roadmap 2, which is the creation of a Titanic in the Metaverse – giving AVAC Holders a room or Stateroom aboard the ship.

How many AVAC NFTs can I mint?

Limit for Pre-Sale: 2 NFT per wallet

Limit for Public Sale: 5 NFT per wallet

SUPER-WL: 3 NFTs per wallet

How do I get Whitelist?

Join our Discord Community and earn your WL spot through engaging with the community, embark on our Rank System to eventually reach Level 5. You may also have won WL through a competition, in which case you must Open a Ticket Through our DIscord

Which Charity does AVAC Support?

When we reach 40% of our Roadmap, we intend on making a sizeable donation to The Ocean Cleanup. The issue of Microplastics and Plastic Pollutants in our Oceans is a massive issue that AVAC Project Lead, Sigerson Bell, cares massively about

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